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Dolphins in Pacifica

Posted on September 6, 2011 at 6:28 PM Comments comments (168)
This morning as I was driving down highway 1 through Pacifica, and I decided to pull off and take an ocean stroll. I parked near the Pacifica Pier and started down the trail to Mori Point, one of my most favorite places in the World! It was a crisp, cool, morning, so I wrapped my scarf around my wet hair and surged forward. I was deep in thought as I walked, nodding occasionally at the early morning dog walkers.

I made my way up the built-in stairs on the side of the cliff, and saw a cute black lab heading my way. The woman with the dog said, "Did you see the dolphins?" She pointed down to the ocean, "There's a dozen or so." I strained my eyes and eventually began to see the black spots surfacing one by one, then three in unison. I was so caught up in the moment, the excitement of being so close to the dolphins, I wasn't conscious that the dog was nuzzling me for a little attention. They were long gone before I realized it.

I sat on the edge of the cliff gazing out at the sea of blue, waiting for the next dolphin to show itself. I was in an open-eyed trance as the dolphins appeared and disappeared. I began to wonder why these dolphins had come to me this morning. Thoughts weaved in and out of my mind, "roll with it," "be playful," "relax and go with it," "breathe, just breathe." They made it look so easy.

Throughout the day, as I was confronted with problems of friends and family, I remembered the dolphins. I visualized myself floating and rolling in the ocean waves, swimming with the dolphins. In some way, each "interruption" seemed to be a test, to see if I had paid attention. I just kept reminding myself to go with the flow, live life playfully...and don't forget to breathe.