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Be Smoke-Free

Are you one of the 30 million Americans who wants to quit, but haven't been successful so far?

If you’re serious about Quitting Smoking,

This may be the program for you!   

Be Smoke-Free program includes:

  • Strategies for quitting ​
  • A tool to curb cravings (EFT tapping)
  • Hypnosis CD for home listening
  • 3 individual Hypnotherapy Sessions 

(scheduled 1-2 weeks apart)

Only $225 for Entire Program 

Call or Email:

Carlene A. Foldenauer, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

650-773-8882, [email protected]

"I had tried every smoking cessation method with no success. Hypnotherapy made quitting a reality. Carlene also taught me other tools to control anxiety and fear. I am absolutely happy to be a non-smoker and would recommend hypnotherapy with Carlene."


Did you know:

Most Adults Smokers Used to Be Teen Smokers

Talk to your children about smoking