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Group Classes

I offer affordable classes to encourage more people to enhance their lives through self-discovery and healing. Group classes are a wonderful way to spend time with like-minded and supportive individuals who are also looking to live more fulfilling lives.

Please contact Carlene to schedule individualized group sessions:

  • Review potential classes and fees below
  • Gather 3 or more interested people
  • Discuss class location with Carlene (e.g., my office or another designated space). Travel time will be factored into fees.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays work best for me.
  • Classes may be customized to meet group needs.

Getting to Know Your

Higher Self

3-6 people / One 2 hr. class / $30 per person

This is a greatway to begin your self-discovery journey. During this class, you will discuss the difference between your higher self and your ego, you will experience hypnosis with the opportunity to "meet" your higher self, and share your experiences with the group.

Creating Your Future

in the Sand

3-4 people / One 2-2.5 hour class / $35 per person

This session begins with a guided meditation, then each person will have the chance to build their "future" World in the sandtray, while the others hold a positive space for them and offer support and insight.

(Location: My Office)

Tapping Into Your Intuition

3-6 people / Four 1.5-2 hr. classes / $100 per person

You will learn a "running energy" meditation technique to balance your life force energy, receive an overview of chakras and auras, participate in a chakra clearing activity, engage in discussions and activities to discover your strongest psychic senses, and enjoy many opportunities to practice tapping into your intuition. (Fun!)

Exploring Your Past Lives

3-6 people/Two 1.5-2 hr classes/$50 per person

This class provides an opportunity to discuss the potential benefits of doing past life regressions, whether you believe in past lives or not. You will be provided opportunities to access "past life memories" in different ways, including regression through hypnosis. And of course sharing with the group can have its own healing effects!

Introduction to Dreamwork

3-5 people / Three 1.5-2 hr. classes/$75 per person

You will receive a brief introduction to dreamwork, including theories, types of dreams, common dream themes, and how to remember dreams. You will receive dream interpretation tools and will participate in activities to help determine the gifts of your dreams, including a group dream circle.

(This could also be two sessionss for $50)

Improve Your Life with EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

3-6 people /Two 1.5-2 hr. classes / $50 per person

You will learn this energy therapy technique, which helps shift the energy around specific problems and provides emotional and physical relief. EFT is used for fears, phobias, pain, past traumas, shifting patterns, and just about anything! It is easy to learn and you will have plenty of time to practice using EFT during the sessions.

(Sessions for adults, children or families)

Your Spiritual Support System - Do you have Spirit Guides?

3-6 people / Two 2 hr. classes/$55 per person

This class offers an opportunity to explore your spiritual support system and learn about various types of spirit guides. You'll engage in activities to access spiritual guidance, including communicating with loved ones and experiencing a power animal journey.

Other Topics for Classes will be Considered Upon Request