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My Story

Carlene A. Foldenauer

(Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

My first indirect experience with hypnotherapy and Reiki was when my sister Penny’s insightful oncologist, Dr. Richard Cohen, suggested that she see a Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner to help her get through chemotherapy.

Penny had joined me in the Bay Area in 1995, but unfortunately she was diagnosed with breast cancer just months later. Looking back now, I remember how Penny was more at ease with herself, and more at peace with the world as a result of those Hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions. I remember nicknaming her Hypnotherapist, Nancy Goode, "Good Good," because Penny felt so much better after a session with Nancy. Penny lived over 11 years with cancer. During this time we both learned a lot about living - about the importance of enjoying life, loving unconditionally, forgiving and letting go, and taking care of mind, body and spirit. (Still learning!)

Shortly after Penny crossed over, I knew it was time to surge forward on my path. I wasn’t exactly sure how that looked, but I felt it would include helping myself and others live happier and healthier lives. After taking some healing and intuitive development classes, my mentor Tracy Thiem, referred me to HCH Institute, a hypnotherapy school in Lafayette, California. After visiting the site and meeting with the director, Holly Holmes-Meredith, I knew this place and these good people would be part of my journey.

Hypnotherapy immediately felt right for me, because I found that the process helps us help ourselves. It is exciting to witness my clients using hypnotherapy to make speedy progress on their goals and improve their well being. As for EFT, the emotional freedom technique, I personally became a fan when my 12 hour headache disappeared within minutes, and since then I have found it to be an easy and practical tool for my clients to learn and use. When I was introduced to sandtray, I knew it would fit perfectly into my practice because of my love for working with children and dream exploration. It is a wonderful and creative way to explore life issues. And as for Reiki, when my teacher described it as “Universal Love Energy," I knew I had to learn it and share it with others. (Read more about these techniques under Practices for Well Being).

My life experiences have helped me become a caring practitioner who understands the importance of providing a safe and non-judgmental environment for clients. I enjoy working with people of all ages and types, and learning about different cultures through those that I meet. I am grateful to all who have contributed to my journey so far, and look forward to meeting those whose paths will cross with mine in the near future.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Cancer Support Hypnotherapy Certification

Reiki Master

IntuitiveTeacher & Counselor

Energy Therapy Certification (includes EFT)

Dreamwork Certificate (Gillian Holloway)

Over 10 Years Dreamwork Experience

Bachelor of Fine & Applied Arts

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

4 Years Elementary School Teacher

15 Years Retail Management Professional

Penny's Healing Artwork