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Carlene came in to our lives during a time of tremendous stress. Our then 4 year old son was having difficulties managing his anger, and as a result he had been not been successful in school. After working with three different psychotherapists/psychologists without identifying our son's issues, we reached out to Carlene for help. We had heard about her special talents in helping young people with their issues and have been very pleased with our outcome after working with her for close to a year. She was able to quickly connect with our son, additionally, she was able to carefully balance his needs with her various techniques of hypnotherapy, sand tray play, and reading stories. The patience and compassion that Carlene has exhibited to our son has helped him and our family tremendously. After a few intensive months, our son continues to see her for regular "tune ups". Our son has achieved success in his current school and is able to communicate his anger to us with clarity and confidence as a result of the tools that Carlene has provided him. She will always hold a special place in our hearts for the peace and comfort she has helped bring to this family.

-T.L and C.L.-

My anxiety dropped 90% after my session with Carlene".

– J.A.-

"I cannot begin to express my appreciations to Carlene Foldenauer. She is an outstanding practitioner who approaches her work with a profound and spiritually clear foundation. As a social worker I meet a large number of people in all walks of life, conditions and stage of development. In my opinion Carlene is able to connect, support, and promote useful rapport with clients very quickly. I can only guess that her love and respect for humanity is the basis for her powerful therapeutic presence.   

I did past life regression, was treated for childhood trauma and the annoying habit of losing my keys daily. I met with her four times and was able to see progress in each and every session. I no longer lose keys, cell phones and I no longer panic at the thought of losing the above. I have made peace with my family of origins and have moved on to build a new family for myself after 30 years of failed relationships. Again, I highly recommend Carlene Foldenauer for hypnotherapeutic services."


"I had tried every smoking cessation method with no success. Hypnotherapy made quitting a reality. Carlene also taught me other tools to control anxiety and fear. I am absolutely happy to be a non-smoker and would recommend hypnotherapy with Carlene."


"After my session with Carlene, I felt like a 100 pound weight had been lifted off of me."


"Carlene, my hypnotherapist, instantly built a safe and relaxing environment to begin working on my test anxiety for the nursing board exam, NCLEX. We practiced techniques that could be used on a daily basis, such as EFT, grounding meditation, and hypnotherapy for both studying for the exam, as well as the exam itself. The most effective tool was the CD made in order to practice for the exam. With Carlene's help, my stress level decreased, my concentration improved, and my confidence increased to successfully pass my exam the first time."

S.S., RN

"Carlene was receptive to my needs and helped me uncover and address some blocks to my progress. She's very caring and created a space that felt safe and nurturing."


“Carlene helped me to reduce stress and manage chronic pain, providing much relief.” E.W.

“Carlene Foldenauer has been the answer to my quest. Listening carefully to my stories, my hopes and my concerns, she works with me to address the issues I struggle with. She is really a good listener. I feel heard. Intelligent and fully present, she grasps what I’m trying to say and is able to articulate it accurately and quickly. I don’t feel judged for my human anguish and I do feel my dreams for a better life are honored and respected.

Carlene is ever ready with a relevant idea or tool to move my progress along. She seems to have a mastery of skills ready to use. I trust her as a person and as a therapist. She recommends books, suggests homework and has even made me a personal hypnotherapy CD to listen to at home. Most of all she seems self actualized herself:

bright and fun and offering a life Full of goodness.”

(partial testimonial)


“I have been teaching the art of intuitive counseling for 18 years. Every once in awhile, a student appears who reminds me of why I love the profession so much. Carlene was one such student. Carlene combines a rare natural gift for intuitive vision with a genuine level of deep compassion for the people she counsels.

It takes an open heart, as well as an open intuitive channel to be truly healing. Carlene has both.

Those who are lucky enough to work with Carlene will quickly learn that not all 'Intuitive Counselors' are created equal. Some, like Carlene, are simply exceptional.”